Specialbed for sit and rise – the mattresses

There is a choice of various mattresses for the Specialbed for sit and rise multi-positional bed. Whether these be cold foam, tempur or visco-elastic mattresses, all have a removable, breathable and PU-covered incontinence cover with a zip fastening on 3 sides and an anchor system. This prevents the mattress from slipping when it is moved into the various lying, sitting and vertical positions.
Mattresses can be supplied in the following sizes: 90 x 190 cm, 90 x 200 cm, 100 x 190 cm and 100 x 200 cm. A special size of 120 x 200 cm is also available.

The illustration shows the structure of our mattresses:
Rotoflex Pflegebett Matratze
Cold foam bed with anchor system:
removable incontinence cover with 3-sided zip fastener, breathable and PU-covered

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