Technical data RO-1002P
Can be used for bed sizes: 90 x 200/210cm
Dimension 100 X 210/220 cm
Raises upper body to 85°
Raises legs with knee-break 40°
Lying surface rotable to90°
Option of turning setting right or left
Support to sit up with help to stand up yes
Sitting function / with thigh lift yes / no
Min. installation height, upper edge of slatted frame40 cm
Max. height of upper edge of slatted frame 85 cm
Adjustment range for sitting and lying height 40 cm
Rec. mattress thickness 11cm – 15 cm
Feet can be adjusted to 25 mm
Patient weight 140 kg (complete)
Safe load 170 kg
Surface powder-coated
Elec. connection 220 V~/ 0,6 A, 24 V-, internal network or with 110 V~/ 0,6 A, 24 V-, internal network
Protection classII, IPX4
Noise level ≤ 65dB(A)
Ambient conditions RO-1002P
Room temperature from +10° bis +40°C
Rel. humidity from 30% bis 75%
Air pressure from 700hPa bis 1060hPa

  • Mattress with anchor system 11 to 15 cm, thickness as required
  • Pull handle with trapeze bar (only RO-1002)
  • Incontinence mattress covers
  • Bed surrounds
  • automatic side panel retraction
  • extra long feet (170 mm)

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