Multi-positional bed – available in two versions

The Specialbed for sit and rise RO-1001E is a stand-alone system, which we supply either as a bedframe module for an existing bed or as a complete bed with bed frame in different wood finishes. It is also possible to supply a bedframe module for a double bed. Please note, however, that the bedframe edge on the side you get out of bed must be lowered to a height of 20 cm otherwise it is not possible to operate the turning function for the vertical position. You can also fit an existing side panel with our special lowering fitting so that the side of the bed is only lowered to allow the patient to stand up.

The Specialbed for sit and rise RO-1002P multi-positional care bed on castors under which other equipment can be rolled and which is particularly suitable for patients who need further aids, such as a lifter, to transfer them from bed to the wheelchair, for example. When the bed has manoeuvred the patient into a sitting position, he is in an optimal position for transfer and the carer's work is made easier. We also recommend this version for care homes where beds need to be easily moved.
This version is also available with a bed gantry, which is, however, not usually necessary for mobilising the patient in the Specialbed for sit and rise bed.

The Specialbed for sit and rise RO-1002P is also available as a double bed.
Both versions of the Specialbed for sit and rise are fitted with one or two grab handles to support the patient to stand up independently. The grab handles can be swivelled upwards so that they are not in the way when transferring the patient from the side of the bed. Orders should state to which side of the bed the handles should be attached and the number of handles depending on the patient's symptoms.

In addition, both versions of the Specialbed for sit and rise must be fitted with a special Specialbed for sit and rise mattress, which for safety reasons is anchored to the Specialbed for sit and rise and comes in two parts. This is the only way that we can guarantee that the feet are sufficiently supported when lying down and that the feet reach the floor properly to allow the patient to stand. All our mattresses are 11 cm thick and are covered with a high-quality incontinence cover. This protects the interior of the mattress from moisture, and is at the same time breathable, elastic and washable. The interior of the standard mattress is made of R 35/45 foam, which is comfortable to lie on and gives good support. We aim to achieve a high level of comfort on a viscoelastic mattress, it has point-by-point elasticity and is light and is the best fit for the Specialbed for sit and rise’s lavish moulding. If you require a cold foam mattress with TEMPUR support for decubitus prophylaxis, we can also supply an alternating air pressure mattress but due to the good general mobilisation of patients in the Specialbed for sit and rise bed, is it usually not necessary.

RotoFlex RO-1001E Modell DIWAN Doppelbett
RotoFlex RO-1002P

RotoFlex RO-1001E Modell DIWAN
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