Specialbed for rise – Technical Features

RO-1001E and RO-1002P
Technical data
Specialbed for rise
Can be used for bed sizes90/100 x 190/200 cm (without raising aid 180 cm)
Insertion bed, external dimensionsLying surface approx. – 4cm
Lying surface4-part
Head end raisesmechanically (optional)
Raises upper body to85°
Raises legs with knee-break ofup to 60° (step bed)
Min. installation height, upper edge of slat frame28 cm
Max. height, upper edge of slat frameapprox. 67/80 cm (as per bedfoot height setting)
Unladen weight52 kg/16kg (2-part)
Load170 kg
SurfacePowder-coated surface
Elec. connection220V/50Hz, 24 V motors
Fuse protection1,6A, IPX44, initial fail-safe

Design options:

  • Foot options:
    Feet adjustable from 25 mm to160 mm (hoist can slide under bed)
  • Wheel options:
    Castors Ø: 50 mm, 75 mm or 100 mm, 2 castors each with brake

  • Accessories:

  • Bed gantries with trapeze handle, can be used on the right or the left at the head end
  • Cot sides can be raised and folded, move with lying surface
  • Standard mattress or mattress with anchor system
  • Connection to mains network / emergency lowering

    CE complies with 93/42/EEC guideline.
    A product from PhysioNova® GmbH.

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