Specialbed for rise – the care insertion bed, suitable for your bed at home

The Specialbed for rise is a height-adjustable insertion care bed which can be simply and retrospectively built into new or existing bedframes with standard insert frames for use both at home or in the care home environment.

It more than fulfills all the functions required of a care bed - while preserving the look and feel of the patient's usual private environment.

The Specialbed for rise is free-standing, completely stable and does not wobble. It lowers to at least 28 cm and can be adjusted to a height of 38 cm allowing it to be used as a standard bed as well as a care bed. The ground clearance can be adjusted infinitely so that lifters can also be inserted beneath the bed.

Physioflex Pfegebetteinsatz

The Specialbed for rise is supplied in two parts and can be transported and quickly assembled by one person.
Its excellent features ensure that it will last a long time.

  • 4-part lying surface, infinitely adjustable, with three quiet motors
  • raises the legs with a knee-break of 60° to allow bed to be raised in stages, especially suitable for patients with slipped discs
  • the patient can operate all settings using a cable remote control
  • only extremely durable, high quality materials for long-lasting quality are used for the Specialbed for rise, such as durable fibre-glass reinforced connectors in pivots for the sprung frame
  • the Specialbed for rise is completely hygienic and can be used again once a patient has finished with it
  • can be used with bed sizes 90/100 x 190/200 cm
  • fulfils more functions than a standard care bed
  • can be adjusted to the height of a care bed
  • can be used with almost any single or double bed
  • looks like your normal bed as it can be lowered to standard bed height - maintaining the look of your usual domestic environment

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