The Specialbed for sit and rise system opens up new markets

Tap new target groups ahead of your competitors. The new markets are those focusing on pensioners, disabled customers and those specialising in larger clientele.

Three new target groups, who have to date not been able to spend their capital because they did not have the opportunity to travel, not to mention being able to find the right kind of accommodation.

Open up the market with a distinctive mark – the word will soon get out about this bed.

You will stand out from your competitors - by attracting new markets

We will be pleased to support you in the following ways:
Assistance with marketing:
FMG-Verlag (Holidays for the handicapped)
Contains a description of over 500 hotels equipped for the disabled in Germany and over 950 in other countries.
We will pay the costs of your entry in the publication for up to 3 years
Rehabilitation journals for issues affecting the handicapped receive one press text and a CD with pictures of the newly refurbished room and a picture of your hotel/ship.
Study trip leaders are notified of upgrades to the room/suites by a letter which includes photos.
Local media will receive a press release with pictures on CD. (You can of course manage the launch in your own marketing plan. We will be happy to assist you by providing pictures and copy).
Travel agencies in Germany and in other countries which specialise in holidays for pensioners, the handicapped and larger-sized clientele will receive a letter from us promoting the suitability of the bed facilities provided by your company for handicapped customers.
Finance options: It goes without saying that we have a finance package available for our commerical customers.

Please contact us. All we need are the following details:
  • Number of beds required
  • Required duration
  • Lease purchase from EUR 220 / month
  • Leasing from EUR 120 / month

  • RotoFlex RO-1001E Modell Speyer
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