Specialbed for sit and rise – installation

How the Specialbed for sit and rise bed can be used. We supply the most modern bed system on the market in several versions appropriate for your company:

Use as a bed-in-a-bed system – this way it is fitted into an existing bed. From the outside it is not recognisably a bed for the disabled or a comfortable bed for older people. The elegance of the room furnishings is maintained. (The construction of the existing bed must be inspected in advance).

It can, of course, be supplied as an elegant couch, e.g. the DIWAN or RONDO models , in over 30 veneer / finishes which can be adapted to suit all existing style of decor.
There are over 7 models available and, of course, we will also produce these according to your requirements and ideas to match your existing decor. It goes without saying that the models can also be covered in fabric, leather or imitation leather.

RotoFlex RO-1001E Modell DIWAN
DIWAN model
As a bed frame, e.g. the BERLIN, SPEYER and KAIRO models.

Elegant bedframes, solid beech, surfaces as required in natural wood, cherry, walnut….etc or in any RAL colour.

Of course, we will manufacture a bed in accordance with details supplied by your architect.

RotoFlex Modell Kairo
KAIRO model
RotoFlex Modell Berlin
BERLIN model
RotoFlex Modell Speyer
SPEYER model
As a spare bed on castors which can be moved into rooms as necessary if unexpected guests on pensioners' or disabled holidays arrive at your establishment and ask for suitable accommodation. Naturally, this guest bed can also be custom manufactured. Veneers / finish designs according the the model chosen will suit the design and character of your establishment.
RotoFlex Modell 1002
Special requirements: on request we can also manufacture beds in the following styles - baroque, art nouveau, historic and any other style - in all wood types and colours.

Sizes: all models are manufactured in widths of 90, 100, 120 and 140 cm x 200, 210 and 220 cm and also as double beds with either one or two Specialbed for sit and rise bed insertions.
We and our design consultants and our own interior designer are available to advise you. Do not hesitate to telephone Mr Wolfram Schweizer on (00 49) (0) 911-225218 and we will be delighted to call you back.

We will be happy to care of all the details from lightswitches to a bath suitable for disabled customers, from the entrance area of the bedroom/suite to a suitable bed for the disabled and the right kind of wardrobe.

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