Profitable new markets – holidays for the disabled, pensioners and larger clientele

Rotoflex Sit and Rise Bed for Hotels and Ships
In recent years, the travel industry has expanded its range with some new services and many travel agencies have started to specialise in these areas – holidays for the disabled, older people and larger people offering appropriate, good and suitable accommodation.

No other area has seen such growth in recent years as pensioners, the disabled and larger people who are keen to travel and who need to travel. Even if they represent just one target group in the national and international travel and hotel industry, the figures are set to increase to two digits in the future and the market will continue to develop and grow.
The travel options and services will continue to improved with special offers specifically for this market. Hindrance-free, mobility-impaired access, suitable for wheelchairs are being created in many locations.
Many organisers are now offering special holidays for seniors – the target group with the most capital available. Educated and demanding, on study holidays, these clients are not as young as the so-called “average traveller”.
The demands of this target group are high. They know what they are worth and the value of the facilities that should be available to them. The facilities should be what they are used to - not just an elegant room or a wonderful bathroom, but also a bed which is electrically adjustable as it is at home. The clients in this market do not wish to sacrifice the comfort they are used to. An adjustable bed height and a rotable sitting position is part of the usual adjustment – or should they suffer the indignity of calling room service to lift the guest out of bed because the bed is too low…

There are long-established companies offering holidays suitable for the disabled and such companies have been increasing in number for some time.
As a result of internationally improved care options and better transport routes / facilities, there is also now a variety of travel options for severely physically disabled people. The suppliers of these holiday groups are not only concerned with wheelchair-friendly and unrestricted access, but the other facilities in hotels and guesthouses and cruise ships must also comply with their requirements. These include the right bed suitable for guests' physical limitations – it is not appropriate for the guest to have to ring for service if he wants to get out of bed…

Holidays for larger people – travel agencies managed by larger people, specialising in holidays for people who are very well built and heavy. A sensitive target group, which often have levels of personal savings which should not be underestimated. And yet, where can they spend their money – where are the holidays / travel opportunities for them – and what will their accommodation look like?

Before their holiday, many are concerned about their bed:

  • hopefully it is not too low
  • will it support my weight
  • how will I get up again, and so on …

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